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Behind the Design for the Snowboarder GOAT Tee

Behind the Design for the Snowboarder GOAT Tee

Here is the behind the scenes process we went through to create the Goat Series tee for Snowboarder tee.

First, we had to find some photos of snowboarders to reference so we headed over to google…  after about 5 minutes of googling we found this sweet picture.

Holding a snowboard

And we ended up with this rough sketch:

Snowboarder goat sketch


Then cleaned it up a bit, but the board looks like its missing something…..


snowboarder goat series sketch


snowboard bindings sketch goat series


opps… we put the bindings on backwards… such a rookie mistake.

snowboarder sketch with bindings on wrong side


We fixed the bindings and got our crayons out to make the final version.

snowboarder flying tomato goat sketch


colored sketch snowboarder goat

And what it will look like on a shirt … 

snowboarder sketch shirt tshirt