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Egyptian Cotton for the Ladies

egyptian cottonWomen's Tees:
After tons of testing and feedback from several girls, we ended up with a shirt you'll never want to take off! The shirts we now use for the ladies tees are 100% cotton and have a contemporary fit with a loose fitting neckline. These shirts are long, soft, breathable, and come from Egypt! (Egypt + Cotton = Egyptian Cotton)

We've had several female customers tell us it's their new favorite shirt just because of how it feels. The fact that it's a steezy tee is just an added bonus. ;)


Men's Tees:
Sorry guys, we don't use "Egyptian Cotton" for your tees. We currently use a 100% cotton tee for the men's shirts that is a heavier/thicker tee simply to provide durability while ya'll are off doing "manly" things.

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