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Steezy Definition

Steezy Definition

Steezy whale sketch

Have you ever wondered what STEEZY means or what is STEEZY?

STEEZY is an action sports term that combines the word “Style” with “Ease” to describe the act of perfectly executing a trick and making it look easy.
A person with steeze, such as myself, would be referred to as “STEEZY” whether it be because of his or her awesome tricks, gangster apparel, or whatever else sets them apart from the average Joe.
Examples of STEEZY in a sentence:
  • “Dude, how STEEZY did that backside triple cork look?”
  • “Damn, that was a STEEZY ass kickflip son!”
  • “Whoa, dude, did you see that switch 360 laser flip off that twelve stair?
    – Yeah, that was so STEEZY.”

STEEZY means “Style With Ease”.

The definition of STEEZY is “Style With Ease”.
The meaning of STEEZY is “Style With Ease”.

So now you know, STEEZY means “Style With Ease” – you’re welcome!

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